Monday, August 6, 2012

Yarn Art Mural

This Monday made-it takes us into the classroom. I have a concrete block wall that is not eye appealing. I found this idea via pinterest...a.k.a the website that is stealing everyones creativity.
Clear command hooks and strips
Letter cut-outs
Step by Step
1. Pick your color yarn. The darker the color the more the letters will show up. For the command strips I bought one pack at a time with 40% off various craft stores (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Jo-Ann Fabric). I used around 141 command hooks. Each corner of a letter needs a command hook.
2. Either print out your letters or draw them yourself. I did a mixture of drawing and printing the letters. The bigger the better.
3. Tape up all your letters to see how you like the placement.
4. Start with one letter at a time. Stick on a command hook on each of the letters corners.
5. Once all that letters command strips are on start wrapping the yarn on the hooks. I wrapped each letter around about four times. The more times the thicker the letter will look. I used one continuous strand of yarn and did not cut the yarn until all the words were done.
5. Continue with each letter. Sticking on command strips and wrapping the yarn.
6. When all the words are complete I draped each color yarn to connect to one another. Then cut the yarn.


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