Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It pays to be late

Two weeks ago Office Depot had pencil pouches for a penny. I meant to go and grab some on Sunday, but the day became busy and wounded up going on Friday after school. Office Depot of course was out of the pencil pouches, but thankfully they had a replacement for the penny deal. The pencil pouches that they were originally offering were plastic with one zipper and the replacement is cloth with two zippers!
Typically teachers can pick up 25 of the penny deals, but they only had 23. The manager apologized for not having enough at any rate the replacements are ten times nicer than the original penny ones!
My bell work for students consist of their vocabulary words. They have twelve words for two weeks the first week they have a spelling test and the second week is their definition test.
These new zipper pouches provides a way to store and distribute bell work to students. The first zipper contains their vocab words broken up into syllables and then the second pouch has their vocab words with the definition.
I mentioned before that I was thoughtfully given the name vocab police by one of my 8th graders. The name fits because I have made it my mission to eliminate any excuses for the "I did not know" for not being prepared! Our new system for vocab bell work is going to make this mission closer to completion!
{Vocab spelling syllables}


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